About Starbrite Creations

Starbrite Creations is a small Aurora Colorado Jewelry company owned by Laura Linn and Mike Pittman.  We sell at local festival and fairs and really enjoy meeting people.  We only show about 30% of our inventory on the website. If you are looking for anything in particular please send us an email and we will send you a picture of what we have.  Besides pendants, earrings, bracelets, we also carry hundreds of rings ranging from men’s skulls to fancy lady’s rings. We like talking to people and explaining how we create the pieces we sell, so we would love to have you come by our booth during one of our shows to see what we have created ..  This is a picture of our booth up at the Grand Lake Arts and Craft Festival.  

The majority of the jewelry we sell is created by us in our shop and we do all the casting, pouring, grinding, and polishing.  Many of our traditional pieces are cast as shown below.   These pieces are mainly created from wax carvings, patterns, or wax copies we make from jewelry that we have recreated from jewelry found at antique sales.


Our signature pieces are pendants and earring created by pouring pure silver into pine needles.  Every piece is one of a kind.  Customers really like the fact that every pendant and set of earrings they purchase is completely unique.  Even the earrings in the set do not match each other, but that also gives each set of earrings a unique feeling.